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Saw X: The Bone-Chilling Horror Sensation You Can’t Miss at Home – Get the Ultimate Viewing Experience!


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Saw X: The Horror Sensation You Can’t Miss at Home

Lionsgate is all set to bring the latest bone-chilling installment of the Saw franchise to your home screens. “Saw X” will be available for physical release on November 21, following its video-on-demand debut on October 20. Fans of the franchise can look forward to an exciting package, including more than three hours of bonus content, such as a series of deleted scenes and featurettes.

Multiple Formats for Your Viewing Pleasure

For your ultimate viewing experience, “Saw X” will be released in various formats, including 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD + digital. This physical release comes with a wealth of additional content, with the spotlight on a multi-part documentary titled “Reawakening.” This in-depth documentary delves into the making of the film, uncovering how director Kevin Greutert breathed new life into the iconic franchise. Viewers will also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the characters, locations, and cinematography that made “Saw X” a standout addition to the series. The documentary further explores production design, makeup effects, and the intricacies of post-production. Additionally, director Kevin Greutert provides his insights and commentary on the film in a special audio commentary feature.

Box Office Success and Critical Acclaim

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“Saw X” has made its mark both in theaters and among critics. Worldwide, the film has grossed over $71 million, solidifying its position as a successful installment in the Saw franchise. While it may be the third-lowest grossing film in the series, it holds the title of the highest-rated Saw film on Rotten Tomatoes. With an impressive 80% critic’s rating and an 89% audience score, “Saw X” has garnered both critical acclaim and audience approval.

A Gruesome Saga Continues

The tenth film in the franchise, “Saw X,” serves as a sequel to the original Saw and a prequel to Saw II. It brings back the iconic character, John Kramer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, known as the Jigsaw Killer. In this installment, we witness John Kramer battling brain cancer while guiding his apprentice, Amanda (Shawnee Smith), in the creation and execution of his signature traps. The storyline takes viewers on a gripping journey as Kramer travels to Mexico in search of a miracle cure for his cancer, only to uncover a shocking scam targeting the most vulnerable. What follows is a high-stakes game of turning the tables on the con artists.

A Star-Studded Cast and Creative Team

“Saw X” boasts a stellar cast featuring Tobin Bell, Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, and Renata Vaca. Kevin Greutert directed this captivating installment from a screenplay by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. The film was produced by Mark Burg and Oren Koules for their Twisted Pictures banner, ensuring that fans can expect a thrilling and well-crafted addition to the Saw universe.

Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling experience with “Saw X” as it arrives for physical release this November. With its compelling story, bonus features, and critical acclaim, this installment promises to be a must-have for horror enthusiasts and loyal fans of the Saw franchise. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Jigsaw’s legacy right in your home.

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