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Scientific Research on How Magnesium Plates Decompose in the Human Body: Implications for Bone Fusion Surgeries


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Scientists Researching the Dissolution of Magnesium Plates in the Human Body

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Scientists at the Moscow Aviation Institute are conducting research to understand how magnesium plates decompose in the human body.

Implantation Surgeries

Magnesium plates are commonly used in implantation surgeries for bone fusion.

Dissolving Properties

Unlike titanium and steel plates, magnesium plates do not need to be removed from the body after their primary function. Over time, they completely dissolve without leaving harmful substances. However, controlling the rate of dissolution is a challenge.

Goals of the Research

The main objective is to ensure that the magnesium plate dissolves gradually, allowing sufficient time to achieve its purpose without causing harm to healthy bones due to prolonged presence in the body. Ekaterina Maksimenko, a graduate student at the Aviation Institute and author of the project, emphasizes this goal.

Crystalline Texture and Dissolution Time

Leading scientific centers are conducting research to identify the ideal components of magnesium sheets to control their dissolution time. The Moscow Aviation Institute is working on changing the crystalline texture of these plates to regulate their melting. Determining the required crystalline texture of magnesium sheets will enable the regulation of the dissolution speed.

Programming the Dissolution Time

Maksimenko states that the ultimate aim is to program the dissolution time of the plate in the human body. Monitoring the movement of magnesium plates for corrosion is a completely new task.

Applications Beyond Medicine

Aside from medical applications, the research results can also be applied in mechanical engineering and electronic engineering. Creating the desired texture enhances the lifespan of industrial products containing magnesium sheets. The project to form the crystalline texture of magnesium sheets will be funded by the Russian Science Foundation from 2023 to 2025.


Source: TASS

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