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Scientists have revealed the secrets of a 2,300-year-old mummy "golden boy"


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Moscow, January 25 – Scientists conducted a digital scan of the mummy of a teenager who died 2,300 years ago, and learned new details about him, the Guardian writes. Computed tomography was used to avoid delamination of the remains.
The boy was probably from a wealthy family with a high social status – there were 49 amulets on his body, most of them made of gold, some of them made of semi-precious stones, baked clay or porcelain. It was believed that the talismans would protect the body and give it strength in the afterlife.
According to the bones and the absence of wisdom teeth, scientists determined the age at which the child died – he was 14-15 years old. The experts also found that the boy had not been circumcised. So the researchers assumed that he was not Egyptian, because they underwent the procedure until the age of 13.

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The boy is resting in sandals. Perhaps I suppose that in such shoes he would come out of the coffin.
The team dubbed the mummy “The Golden Boy”. It was found in 1916 in a tomb used from 332 to 30 BC at Naga al-Hassi in southern Egypt. Since then, the remains have been kept in a vault in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and have not been examined.

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