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Scientists reveal the secret of the golden wire in the mouth of a 17th-century socialite


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Scientists have discovered that Ms. Anna Dalegre, a famous 17th-century French socialite, used gold wire in her mouth because of the condition of her teeth.

CBS News points out that this woman wore a gold wire in her mouth, not only to flirt, but also to keep her teeth from falling out, because she suffered from gingivitis, as the wire pulled together several teeth and interfered with them. from falling out. In addition, one of her teeth was artificial and made from ivory bone, which was rare at the time because most artificial teeth were made from hippopotamus bones.

According to modern scientists, this remarkable dental operation exacerbated Anna’s problems. Because the gold wires were constantly pulling teeth together over the years, which severely damaged adjacent teeth.

Of course, this lady suffered not only from physical pain, but also from moral pain. Because aristocrats were under a lot of pressure to keep their looks. Mrs. Dallegri already had an unfavorable reputation for being twice a widow. This lady died in 1619 at the age of 54. Her remains were found in 1988 during excavations at the Palais Laval in northwestern France.

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