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Scrapping Simulator Patch Notes Update Today on January 24, 2023


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A new update has been released for Scrapping Simulator. You can find all the Game Update details below. Scrapping Simulator is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hot Fix v0.31.5 is now available.

This is just a small patch to fix the bug contained within v0.31.4

v0.31.5 Patch Notes:

  • Removed most of the Disassembly Popups and created a new system that handles Disassembly related Notifications – As understandably all the Popup Notifications can become overwhelming and start to be ignored due to being so frequent – The Notifications are now separate which appear above the Materials Gained Panel and are a lot more Simplified and Brief.
  • Added the ‘check_mats’ and ‘check_price’ commands to the command panel, which are used to check the Raw Material Contents and Price of an object you are looking at.
  • Fixed the Bug where Chems and Storage Buckets would Disappear after Saving/Loading in v0.31.4 – Unfortunately no data was being saved in relation to these Objects as such for anyone saved on the v0.31.4 version will have their Storage Bucket Count reset at the Hardware Store.

Source: Steam

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