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SEGA Brags About the Success of the Sonic Frontiers Sales Campaign


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Sega has reported that sales of Sonic Frontiers have surpassed their estimates.

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Sega was questioned about the game’s sales in a recent investor Q&A despite some unfavorable reviews from critics. The studio is pleased with the game’s release while admitting that it wasn’t the best to watch.

Although the Metascore was a little lower than anticipated, one executive said on the call, “We believe that we were able to deliver a title that has been favorably welcomed by many people throughout the world, thanks to the exceptionally high user ratings.” “We want to roll out the recently announced extra DLC sequentially. We are confident that we can increase repeat business.

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The firm believes that the game will continue to sell well throughout its lifespan in terms of sales.

Sega notes that overall sales for Sonic Frontiers “far exceeded the full-year plan at the beginning of the fiscal year.” “Based on our sales methods, such as pricing, promotions, and the creation of free DLC, we realize that this is a title that we will continue to sell over the long run.”

What Will Happen Next?

Three free DLC releases for Sonic Frontiers are anticipated in 2023. The first DLC pack will include a jukebox, a photo mode, and additional challenge types. The second update will include a new Monster, an open zone challenge, and a birthday celebration for Sonic. The third and final pack will add more playable characters and a new tale to the game.

Sega has yet to say whether it has any other plans for the game beyond this year or if it will move on to the following Sonic game.

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