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Seoul reveals a virtual world for tourism and more


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The Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched “Metaverse Seoul,” a virtual environment designed to boost tourism and allow its citizens to engage in various activities, including interacting with several services.

Seoul became the first city of Metaverse

The South Korean city has officially become the first city to launch its own metaverse platform as part of its five-year roadmap, which includes harnessing the qualities of the metaverse to boost tourism and adopt blockchain technology.

The platform, known as the Metaverse Seoul, is a platform where users can play games, chat, hold meetings, receive advice on starting a business, and take virtual tours of popular sites in the city such as the Blue House, N Seoul Tower, Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul Jungle, and Han River among others. other things.

Interestingly, Seoul residents can also file public documents such as tax returns and other documents in the metaverse.

“Metaverse Seoul will be an important communication tool for citizens in the new normal… It is a one-stop administrative service that everyone can benefit from without any time or space barriers.”

Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul.

According to reports, the first phase of the project involves creating a platform in the metaverse where residents can file complaints and official documents to the city, including tax returns. Companies can also consult with their clients in virtual business centers in the metaverse.

In addition, users can play games in the metaverse version of Seoul Plaza and embark on tours around the mayor’s office.

Metaverse also has a virtual counseling center called Metaforest, where students can get guidance and advice about their academic challenges in an anonymous way.

The city of Seoul reportedly spent about $1.6 million (2 billion won) in the first phase and will invest an additional $2.26 million (2.8 billion won) in the second phase, which is set to start later this year. The final phase will begin in 2026.

The South Korean city has been actively involved in the metaverse for quite some time. The city officially launched its five-year vision in September 2021 and has made strides to make Seoul a metaphysical haven.

In November 2022, Seoul government officials announced the launch of the “Metaverse Ethical Principles”, a set of guidelines to ensure that users can reflect their true selves in a safe virtual environment created using a sustainable system that is inclusive of all members.

Late last year, South Korean People Power Party (PPP) officials announced that they were working on creating a “Metaverse Industry Promotion Law” to boost adoption of Web 3 and the metaverse.

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