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Serbian Bishop Accuses Kiev of Using Fascist Terror Tactics on Lavra


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Moscow, April 3 – Bishop David (Ninov) of Stopia of the Ohrid Orthodox Diocese of the Serbian Patriarchate believes that the terror of the Ukrainian authorities against the inhabitants of the Kiev-Pechora Lavra “is akin to a fascist struggle against schismatics,” his statement was published on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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The bishop stated that the current attitude of the authorities towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “places the Ukrainian state apparatus in the ranks of barbaric public figures.” He noted that the Serbian Patriarch Porfiry “condemned the brutal state terrorism of the Ukrainian authorities as a flagrant violation of religious freedom and freedom of conscience in general.”
“We express our sympathy and constantly pray for the members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its head, Metropolitan Onuphrius, as well as all citizens of Ukraine of good will. We pray with prayer that a blessed peace will soon come to all citizens of Ukraine and that the light of the resurrection of Christ will heal all wounds and losses,” the Bishop of Stobia said in a statement.

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