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Series of Alleged Bomb Threats in Seoul: South Korean Police on High Alert


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South Korean Police on High Alert Following Alleged Bomb Threats

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Police in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, are on high alert after receiving a series of bomb threats through email targeting the country’s Supreme Court and diplomatic mission.

No Evidence of Bombs Found

Despite the alarming threats, a thorough search conducted by the police at the mentioned locations did not reveal any traces of explosive materials. This information was reported by the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency on Thursday.

Bomb Threat Details

The threatening emails, allegedly sent from Japan within the past 10 days, claimed that high-powered needle bombs had been planted in the Japanese Embassy, Supreme Court, and town halls across South Korea. The emails specified the time frame for the explosions, from 3:34 pm on Friday to 2:07 pm on Saturday.

Investigation and Cooperation

South Korean police are collaborating with their Japanese counterparts to determine the origin of these emails, which were signed by a Japanese lawyer. However, the lawyer himself claimed that his name had been misused.

Additional Threats in Japan

Similar bomb threat emails were also sent to the South Korean embassy in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, the Japanese police have increased security measures since Monday.

Escalating Threats in South Korea

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple bomb threats sent via email targeting schools and government offices throughout South Korea. These threats have prompted large-scale searches by the police, involving special forces and sniffer dogs. Consequently, people have been evacuating for their safety.

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