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Serious car accident involving Italian soccer player


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Rome, April 16 – RaiNews24 news channel reported that the captain of the Italian football team Lazio, Ciro Immobile, was involved in a serious car accident in Rome on Sunday morning.
According to eyewitnesses, an all-wheel drive Land Rover driven by a famous football player crashed into a tram at an intersection in the Prati metropolitan area. The blow was very strong, and the front of the car was completely destroyed. A tram was also damaged and derailed.
Immobile reported that he was not injured. “My only arm hurts,” said the 33-year-old 2020 European champion. It becomes clear that one of the athlete’s daughters was in the car, and she was not in pain either. However, the tram driver and two other passengers were injured and taken to hospital.

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An ambulance and municipal police, who are currently investigating the causes of the accident, hastily arrived at the scene. Judging by the first testimonies of witnesses, the tram passed the intersection on a red traffic light.

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