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Seven reasons to eat legumes


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According to Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, legumes – beans, peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. – are tasty and healthy in every way. And explains the reasons.

Myasnikov points out to PBS that there are seven reasons to include legumes in your diet.

First – legumes are a source of 30-40 percent of vegetable protein. That’s why vegans love it, especially soybeans. Although it does not contain vitamin B12, as in meat.

Second, legumes are rich in iron, vitamin A, zinc, chromium and magnesium.

Thirdly, legumes contain a low glycemic index. So it is very beneficial for diabetics. In general, legumes should make up a quarter of the diet of people with a tendency to develop diabetes.

Fourth, legumes are low in calories, so they can be eaten every day, but provided that the content of the amount eaten does not exceed 2000 calories.

Fifth – Vigna – a type of legume containing polyphenols with anti-cancer properties.

Sixth. The results of some recent studies show that legumes are beneficial for people suffering from gout.

Seventh – legumes are useful for high blood pressure. Therefore, it should be included in a low-salt diet rich in vegetables, fruits, dietary fiber, and protein and potassium from legumes.

And he adds, to reduce the formation of gases from eating legumes, you can take medicines containing zumot. But in fact, this ingredient does not reduce the formation of gases, but only eliminates the smell.

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