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Sexual Assault and Harassment Rampant Among Female Surgeons in the UK: Study Reveals Shocking Statistics


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Study reveals high rates of sexual assault among female surgeons in the UK

A recent study published in the British Journal of Surgery has shed light on the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment within the UK surgical environment. The study found that nearly a third of female surgeons have experienced sexual assault by colleagues in the past five years.

Alarming findings suggest widespread sexual harassment in the surgical field

The findings of the study indicate that sexual harassment and assault may be common occurrences in the UK surgical setting. Shockingly, cases of rape have also been reported in these environments.

Gender disparities in experiences of sexual assault

Analysis of over 1,400 responses from an anonymous online survey revealed that 29.9 percent of women reported being sexually assaulted by a colleague in the past five years, while only 6.9 percent of men reported similar experiences. Furthermore, the survey showed that 63.3 percent of women experienced sexual harassment, compared to 23.7 percent of men.

Witnessing sexual harassment in the workplace

The survey also highlighted that nearly 90 percent of women and 81 percent of men witnessed incidents of sexual harassment among their coworkers in the previous five years.

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Extent of sexual assault in various work-related contexts

Disturbingly, the study revealed that respondents reported incidents of rape by coworkers not only in the workplace but also in other work-related contexts such as teaching, conferences, and after-work events.

Unreported incidents and misconduct in the surgical environment

The research suggests that misconduct and sexual assault often go unreported in the surgical field due to entrenched hierarchical structures, gender inequalities, and power imbalances. The study emphasizes the urgent need for cultural and organizational change to address these issues.

Working towards change and raising awareness

The survey was conducted by the Working Party on Sexual Harassment in Surgery (WPSMS), a group of NHS contract surgeons, clinicians, and researchers dedicated to combating sexual harassment and promoting a change in the surgical culture. The chair of the Women in Surgery forum at the Royal College of Surgeons in England, Tamzin Cumming, called for action and stated that this study could be a turning point in addressing sexual violence in the field.

This highly alarming report finds that sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape occur frequently and appear to go unchecked in the UK surgical environment due to a combination of deeply hierarchical structure, gender, and power imbalances. co/8edBvlEct2

Source: Agencies + medicalxpress website.

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