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Shakira was forced to leave Barcelona, warned by Pique’s father about expulsion


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The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has revealed a new escalation of events between the Colombian singer of Lebanese origin Shakira and her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué, a former Barcelona defender.

According to the publication, Shakira’s departure from Barcelona came after she was kicked out of the house where she lived with Pique for several years.

And ownership of the house passed from Piqué and Shakira last September to a company owned by Joan Piqué, the father of the Spanish star, before events that wrecked a relationship that had lasted for years.

And Pique’s father gave Shakira an eviction notice, asking her to leave the house by the 30th of this month, or to pay a very large compensation.

Notably, Shakira announced her departure to the American city of Miami in search of peace with her children.

Shakira, 45, split from Piquet, 35, last year after a 12-year relationship and they had two children after the singer discovered the former Barcelona defender was cheating on her with a 23-year-old named Carla Xia.

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