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Shakira’s Departure from Barcelona: A Sharp Message to Pique.


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Lebanese-Colombian singer Shakira has confirmed she will be leaving Barcelona to put an end to rumors about her future following a tough split from former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

Shakira herself announced her departure from Barcelona through a statement on her official social media accounts, sending a message to Pique.

Shakira wrote: “I decided to stay in Barcelona to give my children the stability we are now looking for in another corner of the world close to family, friends and the sea.”

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Posted by Shakira (@shakira)

And she added: “Today we begin a new chapter in the search for our happiness. Thanks to everyone who traveled with me there in Barcelona, ​​the city where I learned that friendship is undoubtedly stronger than love. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me there, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow.”

The Colombian singer did not want to miss the opportunity to launch a new mockery of her ex-husband Gerard Pique and confirmed in a statement that in Barcelona she “learned that friendship is undoubtedly longer than love”, which is a direct and clear message to the former Barcelona player .

Shakira, 45, and Piquet, 35, split last year after a 12-year relationship and have two children, Milan and Sasha, after the singer discovered the former Barcelona defender had been cheating on her with Carla Xia.


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