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Shark Teeth Unearthed from Siberia, Dating Back 40 Million Years


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Paleontologists in the Tyumen region of Western Siberia have found the teeth of a shark that lived in the region more than 40 million years ago.

The remains of a giant shark of the genus Cetorinus Maximus were found in the Kesterlinsky quarry. This was stated by paleontologist Anton Maslennikov in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda-Tyumen newspaper.

According to the scientist, the discovery of giant shark teeth in the Tyumen region is a big surprise and a very rare find.

The Russian scientist explained: “Science trusts only facts, but there is an established fact – and here it is, let’s start from this case. The discovery of this shark is the first: in itself the first in our area, and hence it follows that it had enough food base AND the temperature regime that suits them, and, for example, you can describe in more detail the ancient ecosystem of the region.Second: Findings of sharks themselves are very rare, and they are more common in geologically later rocks, from the Oligocene era, and here we are of the Eocene era, which is more It is more characteristic of the Oligocene that it was found in the Eocene period.

According to a Russian scientist, the Kchterlinsky quarry is known for its rare fossils. In addition to shark teeth, scientists found the remains of corals and crabs here, but ancient birds turned out to be the most valuable finds.

He said: “Bird remains are generally considered among the rarest fossils. We found one such bone in the Kechterli quarry. It is from the same layers in which we found the shark and dates back to the late Eocene. period and the same age.

Scientists believe that the lands of Western Siberia are distinguished by the finds of ancient fish, because there are many small rivers. For paleontologists studying shark species, the found teeth are valuable scientific material.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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