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She instructed Golikova to work on providing long-term assistance to children addicted to drugs


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Moscow, December 23 – Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova instructed the Ministry of Education to prepare proposals for long-term assistance to drug addicted children, including orphans, following the minutes of the meeting of the Government Council for guardianship in the social sphere.
According to the document, the Ministry of Education was directed to finalize a unified methodology for social and psychological testing of students for drug and psychotropic substance abuse, to submit proposals for training teachers on addiction prevention among students.
“The Ministry of Education of Russia, with the participation of the Ministry of Health of Russia, to work and submit proposals to the Council on the possibility of organizing the provision of long-term assistance in specialized centers to children addicted to drugs, including orphans and children left without parental care, and to organize the educational process for these children as part of rehabilitation ” stated in the document.

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The Ministry of Health will deal with the issue of organizing a single Internet resource for the primary prevention of drug use among young people. The Ministry, jointly with the Ministry of Labor and the Serbian National Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcotics, will also present proposals for the development of training modules for social workers to work with drug and alcohol addicts.

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