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Shock in the Egyptian Football Association after the announcement of the contract of Essam El-Hadari with the Syrian national team


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Egyptian Football Association officials were surprised by the announcement of their Syrian counterpart that Essam El-Hadari, the Olympic goalkeeping coach, has joined the technical staff of the Syrian national team led by Argentina’s Hector Cooper.

Issam El-Hadari did not formally submit his resignation to the federation until he signed a contract to join the technical staff of the Syrian national team, according to a source in the Egyptian Football Association.

The source added: “Al-Khodari and Rogero Micali, the coach of the Olympic team, had previously disagreed over the number of guards that should appear at the team’s camps, but Muhammad Barakat, a member of the board of directors of the Federation, which oversees the Olympic team, managed to end the dispute between them and she returned. Everything is back to normal.”

And he continued: “Of course, there will be a reaction from the board of directors of the Federation to what Essam El-Khadari did, after waiting for Muhammad Barakat to be informed of the memorandum on what the goalkeeping coach of the Olympic team did and whether he informed him. verbal or written resignation or not, especially since everyone was surprised by the announcement of his appointment. Al-Hadari is the goalkeeping coach of the Syrian national team.

The Syrian national team has officially announced that Issam El-Hadari has joined the new staff of Argentine coach Hector Cooper, Syrian national team coach, to take over the training of the team’s defenders in the coming period as part of the new technical staff.

Source: “sport.elwatannews”

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