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Short-Range Laser Air Defense Models Tested by US Army


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The US Army has announced that it has conducted combat testing of short-range SAM prototypes based on the Stryker with a 50-kilowatt laser.

Director of the U.S. Army Operational Capabilities and Critical Technologies Director General Robert Rush told Defense News that the drones that were used as targets, which were divided into 3 groups, “scattered their debris in the air”, stressing that the air defense system “is very very efficient.”

He pointed out that “although the drones do not work with lasers, there are still some problems with the removal of rockets, artillery and mortars.”

Now, having received the first batch of systems for the platoon, the army is taking its first two prototypes of the directed energy maneuver-SHORAD to the Yuma training ground for soldier training.

The third prototype is about to begin acceptance testing, Rush said, and the fourth prototype will be delivered within the next two months.

Rush said pilot testing with soldiers will continue over the next quarter, with the Army beginning to develop tactics, technologies and procedures for the systems in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023. Integrating this technology into combat capability.”

Source: Defense News.

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