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Siberian Scientists Create New Lightning Rod Invention


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Scientists from the Russian city of Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia have invented a lightning detector.

This invention will allow scientists to localize forest fires caused by thunderstorms.

Researchers at the Russian Irkutsk University for Scientific Research have developed a lightning detector together with the Institute of Solar and Earth Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences as part of the Digital Baikal project, the purpose of which is to create a unified environmental monitoring system for Lake Baikal and its environs.

This is reported by IA “IrkutskMedia” with reference to the press service of the local government.

Acting Minister of Forestry of the Irkutsk Regional Government, Eduard Filippov, said: “The activation of this special system for recording lightning strikes will allow us to quickly detect forest fires caused by lightning flashes and determine their locations. This information will be taken into account when adjusting air patrol routes, which will make it possible to identify fires. Forests are in their initial stage and urgent measures are being taken to neutralize and extinguish them.”

The lightning detection system registers the electromagnetic radiation of lightning charges. Currently, a network of stations with receivers is being formed at 4 points near Lake Baikal, namely: the Geophysical Observatory of the Institute of Physics of the Sun and the Earth in the village. the village (Listvyanka), the magnetic observatory on the island (Olkhon) and the city of Bratsk.

At the registration points, the lightning direction, time and signal characteristics are measured. The measurement results for each category are sent to the data collection and processing center, where their coordinates and characteristics are calculated. As a result, the time of the occurrence of lightning, its geographical coordinates, the possible error in calculating the coordinates, the strength of the electric component of the field (strength and direction of the electric current) are determined.

Source: TASS

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