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Silent Hill Ascension: Streamable on PS5 & PS4 – Partnership between Genvid and Sony Pictures Entertainment


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Silent Hill Ascension Coming to PS5 & PS4

Silent Hill Ascension, one of the first new projects from the franchise in years, is officially going to be streamable on PS5 & PS4 thanks to a partnership between developer Genvid and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Access on PlayStation Devices and Bravia TVs

Weekly packaged episodes of the horror title will be accessible via the Sony Pictures Core app for PS5 & PS4, as well as the Bravia TVs via the Bravia Core app, and Bravia Core for Xperia app on select Xperia smartphones.

Creator’s Comment

Stephan Bugaj, Genvid Interactive’s series creator and chief creative officer, commented:

“We’re excited to introduce the Johansen and Hernandez families into the Silent Hill universe. As they delve deeper into their own horrors, and their towns are simultaneously consumed by mass hysteria, these two families will uncover strange connections between them despite being a world apart.”

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Statement from Sony Pictures Entertainment

Pete Wood, senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment, added:

“We are exploring all new territory with Silent Hill: Ascension. Through this unique venture with Genvid, we are excited to offer viewers on Sony devices a weekly catch up on the action of Silent Hill: Ascension with full episodes of compiled scenes from this innovative, interactive series.”

About Silent Hill Ascension

Silent Hill Ascension takes the form of an interactive streaming series that follows the lives of two families in peril. It is set in Hope’s Junction, a rust-belt town in Pennsylvania that has recently run into trouble. Rachel Hernandez is blamed for a recent death that sends shockwaves through the community, and in a remote fishing village in Norway, the Johansen family matriarch, Ingrid, shatters an uneasy peace after she dies under mysterious circumstances.

Silent Hill Ascension is due to premiere on October 31, 2023.

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