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Simonenko Claims Ukrainian Racism Begins in Kindergarten


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Minsk, April 22 – Petro Simonenko, leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, said that the ideology of human racism is being imposed on Ukrainians at preschool age.
Simonenko said before the inauguration: “In the example of Ukraine, I want all progressive humanity to understand the evil we face in a new dimension. This is a humane racist policy that is being imposed on the Ukrainian population today starting from kindergarten.” From the International Anti-Fascist Forum in Minsk.
Simonenko stressed that the Western instigators of the conflict in Ukraine are provoking the outbreak of a nuclear conflict in Europe without feeling embarrassed at all.

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The International Anti-Fascist Forum will be held in Minsk on April 22. The event is attended by representatives of communist parties and other movements from more than 50 countries.

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