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Sisi’s Urgent Plea and Update on the Dollar Situation


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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi urged private sector businessmen and investors in Egypt not to waste time working on large projects.

And the Egyptian president said during the opening of the Ain Sukhna quartz factory complex on Thursday morning: “I am asking the private sector and investors in Egypt, please don’t waste any more time, and any project has a chance of success. , data and import volume is a feasibility study, if the raw material is present in Egypt, the whole journey is over We will not receive anything from outside, we have oil that can come out of Egypt, and all stages are processed in one place and at a lower cost “.

And Al-Sisi continued: “I once again say to investors, government, chambers of industry, ministers of trade and industry and the business sector, do not waste more time than this, and once again I thank everyone who contributed to this work.”

President El Sisi said today during his speech at the opening of the project, “The investment cost of the silicon production project is $700 million, and we also import products from abroad in large quantities, such as food.”

The Egyptian President added: “If we prefer to say that this project is carried out in dollars, we will get a dollar from anywhere, we will not move forward.”

He explained, “What we have is no secret, and we are facing an investment opportunity by inviting foreign investors to invest in quartz.”

He continued: “There are good opportunities in Egypt for investment in the mineral quartz and silicon sector,” saying: “We are with you … whether you work with us or independently, whatever you want … we want to stay on place. everything is ok with us .. everything that is available and you, come .. these projects Investment projects that give a stable profit, whether in the Egyptian market or abroad, and in free currency.

Source: Egyptian media.

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