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Skater Murashov won the Russian Championship at the distance


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Moscow, December 26 – World speed skating champion Ruslan Murashov wins the 500-meter race at the Russian single-distance championships in Kemerovo.
Murashov covered the distance in 35.19 seconds. Viktor Mushtakov was second (+0.15 seconds), and Artem Erefeev was third (+0.23).
In the women’s event, Kristina Sileva won the gold medal at this distance (38.66). The silver medalist was Angelina Golikova (+0.17), the bronze medalist was Irina Kuznetsova (+0.82).

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Daniil Aldushkin finished first in the 5000m (6:37.27), Vladimir Simeroni finished second (+1.05), and Aleksandr Podolsky finished third (+1.09).
At the women’s 3000 meters, Evgenia Lalinkova became the Russian champion (4:13.59), Ekaterina Kosheleva (+2.6) won silver, and Elizaveta Golubeva (+4.54) won bronze.
The Russian Speed ​​Skating Championships, in which athletes from Belarus will also take part, will end on December 28.

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