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Sonatrach Unveils Plans for Six New Oil and Gas Exploration Projects in Algeria


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On Tuesday, the Algerian company Sonatrach announced the discovery of 6 oil and gas fields during the first quarter of 2023 on its own.

In a statement posted on its website, the company mentioned the details of the discoveries, noting that two of them were in the Amkid Masood basin after drilling two wells, BRM-1 and BMD-1.

He confirmed the registration of the inflow of 5,699 barrels of oil and 170,000 cubic meters of gas per day at the level of the first well, while the second well recorded the inflow of 4,856 barrels of oil and 256,000 cubic meters of gas per day.

And he considered that these results confirm the important oil and gas potentials located in the Tuggart region, located east of the Hassi Messaoud field, in the southeast of Algeria.

It also states that two wells were drilled in the Burkina basin, where deposits of oil, gas and condensate were discovered.

The first HAM-1 Pace well produced 129,000 cubic meters of gas and 239 barrels of condensate per day from the first reservoir, and 1,905 barrels of oil and 137,000 cubic meters of gas from the second reservoir.

While the second well, SAIS W-1, gave an estimated daily flow rate of 3,117 barrels of oil and 219,336 thousand cubic meters of gas.

Sonatrach also managed to detect liquefied gas in the Ohant area of ​​the Illizi Basin while drilling the KARS3 well, as it recorded daily flow rates of about 337,000 cubic meters of gas and 1,504 barrels of condensate.

As for the sixth oil and gas discovery, it was in the Wadi Mia basin, located in the southeast of the Hassi Rmel field, during the drilling of the LGL-2 well, which recorded a daily oil rate of 453 barrels and 168 barrels of oil. thousand cubic meters of gas.

According to the official Algerian radio, over the past year Algeria has discovered seven oil fields, including four oil fields and three gas fields.

Algeria announced a record natural gas export in 2022 after an increase in exports of around 56 billion cubic meters.

Source: Algerian media.

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