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Sony Announces PlayStation Portal Remote: A Portable Accessory for Streaming Games from PS5


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Sony Announces PlayStation Portal Remote and Other Innovations

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Sony may not be officially present at gamescom, but still takes the opportunity to announce its own innovations, in the case of the PlayStation Blog.

Formerly codenamed Project Q, the portable accessory that lets you stream games directly from your PS5 (and thus the living room TV for other family members) at home over WiFi (minimum 5 Mbps, usable 15 Mbps) officially lives up to its name. PlayStation Portal Remotewill cost 219.99 euros and should be available later this year.

The integrated 8inch display runs at up to 1080p and 60 fps, while the left and right halves of the controller control key DualSense capabilities such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Games installed on the PS5 can be used with the exception of VR2 titles (logically), but also cloud streaming from PlayStation Plus Premium is not supported.

Meanwhile, new wireless earbuds and a headset from the PULSE series aren’t quite as quirky, but are certainly of interest to audiophile gamers see the video below and more details in the blog post.

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