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Sony State of Play Rumors: Release Date and Expectations


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Sony to Release State of Play Soon, Rumors Suggest

According to a new rumor that is now spreading rapidly online, Sony is planning to release State of Play soon, in a couple of weeks at the latest. Therefore, the new upcoming SoP is scheduled for the week commencing Monday, September 18, 2023.

Source of the Rumor

This new indiscretion began with ComicBook when the famous online portal said that it had learned from some unidentified sources that the Japanese giant was planning a new communication event in the near future.

What to Expect

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The aforementioned site hasn’t shared any further information about this new state of the game, but given the rumors that have been circulating online in recent hours, it’s highly likely that Sony will be able to officially announce Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition.

We will also add that this SoP could represent the right opportunity to present a new PS5 model characterized by the ability to connect and remove the Blu-Ray player, something that has been talked about on the Internet for a long time.

The PS5 Slim and its Potential

According to Tom Henderson, the PS5 Slim can replace the current consoles on the market.

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