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Source: Russian special forces used a new system with kamikaze drones


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Moscow, February 28 – Special forces units of the Russian Armed Forces used a new Russian reconnaissance and strike system with small kamikaze drones capable of automatically choosing the route to the target of destruction in the area of ​​special operations in Ukraine to storm Ukrainian positions, an informed source told the News Agency. .
He explained that in the new system, information about the terrain and the enemy is collected with the help of helmet-mounted cameras for fighters in combat and cameras for reconnaissance drones. Then, based on the collected data, the neural network creates a simplified terrain model. In this form, both in automatic mode and in manual mode – by the fighters themselves – the positions and firing points of the enemy are determined. Then, on command from the tablet, a kamikaze drone is sent to the designated target to hit the enemy with a high-explosive fragmentation charge.

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According to the source, two types of drones are used in the complex, which can carry cargo of different capacities.
The source added, “The Russian special forces received a number of these systems for testing during combat operations.”

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