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Spain is upgrading its most famous aircraft carrier


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Military website Infodefensa has reported that Spain will carry out modifications to one of its army’s most famous aircraft carriers.

“In mid-2025, the Juan Carlos 1 will sail to the Navantia shipyard, where it will undergo a 6-month overhaul and modifications, during which its main power plants will be replaced,” the website said.

Representatives of the Spanish Navy told Infodefensa that “specialists in the first quarter of 2025 will draw up a plan to dismantle the power plant of the aforementioned ship in order to replace this system with the Swiss Azipod MO1800 system.”

The Juan Carlos 1 was unveiled in 2020 at the Navantia shipyard in Puerto Real, Spain, and some modifications have been made to its propellers and steering blades, as well as to some of its other equipment.

This ship is 230 meters long, 32 meters wide, has a displacement equivalent to 27 thousand tons, can move at a speed of 21 knots, carry a crew of 261 people, in addition to more than 900 soldiers, and carry 46 Leopard-2E tanks, 25 AV-8B attack aircraft and F-35B or 11 AV-8 and 12 NH90 helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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