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Spaniard sets new record for spending 500 days in a cave (photo)


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Spaniard Beatriz Flamini broke the record for staying in a cave by spending 500 days without contact with the outside world, twice the previous world record.

This was announced today, Friday, by the RTVE channel, as a professional rock climber and speleologist Beatriz Flamini came out after entering the cave on November 20, 2021 and spent 500 days in a cave in the province of Granada at a depth of 70 meters, 500 days of isolation, without contact with the outside world., which is double the previous Spanish record of 103 days five decades ago, as well as the Italian Cristina Lanzoni, who spent 269 days in an underground laboratory in 2007.

However, most people who have experienced it before have done so in underground laboratories and have remained in direct contact with the outside world. As for Beatrice Vlaminen, who was subjected to the experiment as part of the Timecave project, which began two years ago after being contacted by Dokumalia, who helped her with the plan , she spent this time in complete isolation while the task force recorded her daily life underground to study how social isolation and severe temporal confusion affect the perception of time, as well as psychological and neurological changes, as the expert group developed a plan actions in case of possible accidents to ensure the safety of the athlete.

Team members monitored her health through surveillance cameras and recordings that Flamini received at specific times, and the team provided her with food and water through an exchange at a waypoint that could not be crossed or communicated.

Timecave spokeswoman Elena Mira explained that due to the skill of the athlete, she tried to somehow calculate the time, but in the end she could not find out the exact date, because she did not know about it at all.

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