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Spanish Researchers Discover Early Breast Cancer Detection Method Using Human Milk


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Spanish Researchers Discover New Method for Early Breast Cancer Detection

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Researchers from the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIO) in Barcelona have made a breakthrough in breast cancer detection by analyzing human milk. This new method allows for early stage detection.

Finding DNA in Breast Milk

A study published in the journal Cancer Discovery reveals that breast milk infected with breast cancer contains DNA from malignant tumors. The researchers discovered this by examining milk samples taken from women 18 months prior to their breast cancer diagnosis. In addition, the study found that 13 out of 15 women diagnosed with breast cancer during or after pregnancy showed DNA presence, while a blood test only detected one case.

A Promising Diagnostic Tool

The team leader, Cristina Saura, explains that DNA released from local damage is present in low concentrations in the blood, but is easily detectable in breast milk. This makes breast milk a potential diagnostic tool for breast cancer. Saura believes this new method will greatly improve the efficiency of diagnosing breast cancer in pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. These groups often face challenges in diagnosing the disease due to the physiological changes their bodies undergo.

Future Research

The researchers plan to expand their work by collecting milk samples from 5,000 women at risk of breast cancer. This larger-scale study will provide further insights into the potential use of breast milk analysis as a diagnostic tool.


This information is sourced from TASS.

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