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Special Operation, December 26: UAF drone attempt to attack Engels Airfield


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Moscow, December 26 – The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian air defense assets shot down a Ukrainian drone as it approached the Engels military airport in the Saratov region on Monday morning. As a result of the fall of its wreckage, 3 Russian soldiers were mortally wounded, and the plane was not damaged.

special process path

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian forces inflicted fire damage on the Ukrainian army in the Kubyansk, Krasno-Limansk and Yuzhno-Donetsk directions, as well as in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe villages of Terny and Torskoye in the DRC. ;

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In the area of ​​Stelmakhovka and Chervona Dibrova (LPR), the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group and mortar crew were destroyed, Kyiv losses amounted to more than 30 Ukrainian servicemen, 2 armored fighting vehicles and 2 pickup trucks;
As a result of the attack on the command post of the 80th Airborne Airborne Assault Brigade in Kyiv in the Kramatorsk Region (DPR), more than 35 Ukrainian servicemen, including five senior officers, were destroyed, which is the total enemy losses per day. The direction amounted to 100 soldiers, four infantry fighting vehicles and eight vehicles;
Also, in the Kramatorsk region, a repair and restoration point for the weapons of the Ukrainian army was destroyed, in which there were two combat vehicles of the US-made HIMARS missile launch system, two Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers, five D-30 howitzers, as well as three units of private vehicles;
In the course of a counter-battery battle in the areas of settlements Pervomayskoye (DRC) and Kamyshevakh, Zaporozhye region, two Ukrainian combat vehicles of the Grad multiple launch rocket system were destroyed; Three Ukrainian D-30 howitzers were destroyed in the DPR;
In the Georgievka region (DNR), the US-made M777 artillery system was destroyed, with the help of which residential areas of Donetsk were bombarded;
During the day, the air defense systems destroyed seven Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, intercepted two HIMARS Multiple Launch Missile System missiles, as well as two HARM anti-radar missiles;

Eliminate drones and terrorist groups

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that on Monday, the air defense systems shot down a low-altitude Ukrainian drone as it approached the Engels military airport in the Saratov region. As a result of the falling wreckage of the airport, 3 Russian soldiers were fatally wounded. the plane was not damaged;
FSB: Yesterday, the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group was liquidated at the border – 4 saboteurs were destroyed, trying to infiltrate from Ukraine into the Bryansk region, they had German SIG Sauer machine guns and 4 bombs of 40 kg in TNT equivalent;
The FSB also reported that in Dagestan, Chechnya, the Tyumen-Yugra region, a terrorist community was liquidated, in which the organizer and 18 members created an extensive interregional network to support ISIS resources *. During the searches, they found, among other things, footage of their participation in hostilities in the ranks of IG * Syria, as well as in the nationalist units of the Ukrainian army. In Ukraine, two members of the group have already been convicted, the special service reports;

The situation in Ukraine

Summons are issued to Nikolaev residents with seals from the liquidator’s military registration and enlistment office, which is fraught with problems related to the status of the Ukrainian army in the event that any compensation and payments for injuries or death are required, – Sergey Lebedev, coordinator of the Nikolaev metro. He told the News Agency;
The Central Bank of Ukraine announced that leading Ukrainian banks have created a joint network of about 1,000 branches capable of operating during power outages.
* A terrorist organization banned in Russia

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