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Special Tests and Examinations for People Over 65: A Comprehensive Guide


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Special Tests for Older Adults

As people age, they become more vulnerable to diseases, fractures, and cognitive impairment. To address these concerns, special tests have been developed for individuals over the age of 65.

General Geriatric Examination

Older individuals undergo a comprehensive geriatric examination, during which the doctor prescribes a variety of specific tests tailored to their age. These tests include blood tests to determine cholesterol and glucose levels, an electrocardiogram and fluoroscopy, measurement of intraocular pressure, and screenings for tumor detection.

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Questionnaire and Disease Detection

The second stage of the examination involves a questionnaire that helps identify age-related changes that can lead to problems. For instance, Parkinson’s disease is often detected in older individuals due to its typical symptoms such as poor coordination, limb tremors, and muscle spasms. Specialists in geriatric diseases focus on adjusting medication doses for elderly patients who experience falls or have chronic conditions.

Identifying Geriatric Conditions

Based on the general examination results, geriatric specialists can identify conditions like geriatric asthenia syndrome, fall risk, osteoporosis development, muscle weakness, malnutrition, urinary tract diseases, and impairments in vision, hearing, and cognition.

Source: Vesti. RU

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