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Squeezie Reacts to Misogynistic Attacks on Manon Lanza After GP Explorer 2


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Squeezie Reacts to Misogynistic Attacks Following GP Explorer 2

A few days ago, the GP Explorer 2 took place, which was a big F4 race organized by Squeezie. It was a significant event for Depielo, who was able to take his revenge. The race was watched by 1.3 million people, setting a new record for a French stream. However, the event was not as successful as last year and was overshadowed by a wave of harassment targeted at content creator Manon Lanza.

The harassment began as soon as Manon was involved in an accident during the race, and it intensified on social media. The hateful comments were openly misogynistic, with phrases like “woman at the wheel” and “we need to go back to the kitchen” being thrown around. Some even mistakenly targeted Maxime’s teammate, AnaOnAir. In comparison, when Pierre de Crankshaft and Xari had a collision in the first edition of the GP, they did not face the same level of hatred.

Squeezie Addresses the Issue

Squeezie addressed the issue in a live stream, responding to those who denied any connection between the harassment and misogyny. He highlighted the stark difference in the quantity and violent nature of the messages received by men and women. Squeezie expressed his frustration and told those who wanted to argue about it to leave.

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A Healthy Reaction But…

Squeezie’s reaction shed light on the issue, but some people voiced their weariness with such responses. They believe that simply condemning the comments once the harassment has started is not enough. They argue for a deeper examination of the environment that allows these incidents to occur.

One streamer, Pumice, emphasized the need for a broader discussion on the functioning of the community and not just condemning individual comments. _Nat_Ali also provided a thread explaining why speaking out against harassment alone is insufficient. It is important to challenge the normalization of such behavior.

Regarding Manon’s health, the latest news is reassuring, and we hope she is doing well.

Source: Manon Lanza from Allonsrider

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