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Sri Lanka and Russia maintain ongoing discussions regarding oil and gas procurement


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Moscow, April 2 – Sri Lanka continues dialogue with Russia on possible purchases of oil and gas, an issue on the agenda of the state Energy Ministry, said the country’s Transport Minister Bandula Gunawardana, in an interview with the News Agency, who was authorized during his visit to Russia to be responsible for other industries.
“Today Sri Lanka does not buy Russian oil and gas, but this issue is on the agenda of the Ministry of Energy of our country, and if discussions on this topic are completed successfully, a mutually beneficial agreement can be found. Our authorities will discuss this issue with responsible persons from Russia,” Gunawardana said.

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He pointed out that Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Russia, Janita Liyanag, is still in dialogue with the Russian government about the fuel loan, which was requested by the former president of Sri Lanka, but the minister does not know the details of the discussion.

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