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St. Petersburg Doctors’ Herculean Task: Performing Six to Nine Surgeries a Day in Donetsk


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Donetsk, March 4 – Andrei Korolkov, head of the Department of Emergency General Surgery at the First State Medical University in St. Petersburg, told the News Agency that a delegation of traumatologists from St. Petersburg performs from 6 to 9 operations in Donetsk every day, seven days a week.
Four doctors from St. Petersburg – two traumatologists, a surgeon and an anesthesiologist – arrived at the beginning of February for a month to receive practical and methodological assistance from the doctors of the Donetsk Regional Medical Association (DOKTMO).
“From 3 to 5 operations are performed on the abdominal organs per day. In addition, on average, 2-3 operations are performed on the upper and lower extremities. As a rule, one operation is performed on the thoracic organs,” Korolkov told RIA. Novosti.
Donetsk doctors, he noted, are very professional, but they have a huge amount of work, and “any professional gets tired sooner or later.”
“Surgeons have such an expression – extra hands will never be superfluous,” he said.
She must work seven days a week, and some operations are performed at night – when the wounded are brought in.

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In August-September 2022, the same team worked in Kherson, consisting of two anesthesiologists, a surgeon and a rheumatologist. Thus, this is the second business trip in Donetsk.
Asked how they feel about their business trips home, Korolkov replied, “Of course, our families are worried about us, but they know that our profession is medicine. We are doing our duty, the Hippocratic Oath, which we once took.”
According to doctors from St. Petersburg, the equipment of the Donetsk hospital is at a good level.
“Here the equipment is at a very good level. There is a new heart-lung machine … modern anesthesia and respiratory equipment. In general, everything is at a very good level. This is not everywhere in Russia,” said the anesthesiologist Alexander Alexander. creappa.
According to him, the professional level of local doctors is also very high.
“The Donetsk Medical College was one of the leading in Ukraine in various fields of medicine and anesthesiology,” Khryaba recalls.

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