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Starbucks leverages web3 technology and unveils NFT giveaways exclusively for Odyssey members.


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Starbucks is stepping into the world of web3 with plans to drop limited edition NFTs for eligible members of its exclusive Odyssey rewards program.

In the latest development, Starbucks, the popular coffee shop chain, is set to offer NFT airdrops to members of its Odyssey rewards program, marking its significant entry into the web3 arena.

To qualify for a “limited edition stamp,” which is a unique digital set, users have to meet certain conditions as outlined in an email to Odyssey members, according to a report.

Criteria include being a US resident, being a Starbucks Rewards member and a registered member of Starbucks Odyssey, the company’s long-awaited web3 rewards platform, which debuted in beta in September 2022 and remains exclusive to a select group.

Furthermore, participants must have completed two specific “journeys” and already be in possession of one limited-edition NFT stamp. These “journeys” are distinct challenges that users can take to earn stamps that come with bonus points.

An example might include visiting a different Starbucks location or sampling a new drink, as detailed by a former Starbucks executive last December.

Eligibility for an upcoming airdrop will be determined by whether all conditions are met by a date specified by Starbucks, in accordance with the Starbucks Odyssey airdrop conditions. However, the fine print states that recipients cannot necessarily choose their own stamps; The choice remains at the sole discretion of Starbucks.

Starbucks continues to express interest in the digital property space. The company recently launched its “First Store” NFT collection, with several collectibles depicting the original Starbucks store that opened its doors in downtown Seattle in 1971.

Impressively, over the past 24 hours, First Store Collection has topped the sales volume charts on Nifty Gateway.

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