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Starfield: Bethesda Urges Fans to Ignore Rumors and Fake News Before Official Game Reviews


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Starfield: Bethesda Warns Fans of Rumors and Fake News Before Game Reviews

Bethesda, the developer behind the upcoming game Starfield, has issued a cautionary message to fans regarding rumors, alleged leaks, and fake news that may circulate on the internet before the release of game reviews.

Paying Attention to Reliable Sources

Emil Pagliarulo, the Headline Design Director at Bethesda, advises fans to exercise caution and critically evaluate any information they come across online. It is recommended to wait for Bethesda’s official game reviews, as they will provide a more thoughtful and truthful assessment.

Risks of Spoilers and False Information

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Recently, several screenshots of Starfield, including the game’s initial menu, have surfaced online. However, sharing such content before the trade press review could potentially lead to spoilers and unreliable information being spread.

Statement from Bethesda Studio Director

“An inside look at what is a complete and utter fabrication. A hilariously flawed analysis of one leaked screenshot. Just a reminder to everyone that leaks are leaks no matter where they come from or what they say. The embargo is imposed for a reason, and any guesswork based on such meager information is absolute guesswork. On the positive side, the fans are enthusiastic and the game is accessible to almost everyone.”

The Importance of Official Game Reviews

According to Bethesda studio director of design Emil Pagliarulo, it is crucial to rely on the reviews provided by specialized press to form an accurate opinion about Starfield. This will help avoid false leaks and ensure a better understanding of the final experience.

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