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Starfield Exclusivity Debate: Tesla Model Y Becomes Unexpected Gaming Platform


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Starfield Exclusivity Debate Continues: Tesla Model Y Now a Gaming Platform

The debate surrounding the exclusivity of Starfield is currently a hot topic. However, a fan has recently discovered an unexpected platform to play the game: the Tesla Model Y. Through Microsoft xCloud, Bethesda’s new RPG was successfully downloaded onto the electric vehicle.

A Twitter user known as The Great Green managed to achieve this feat and shared a brief video with followers. The video showcases the home screen, loading process, and a few seconds of actual gameplay, controlled using Xbox controllers. The immersive experience even includes the in-game background music delivered through the car’s impressive 14-speaker sound system. As direct Steam downloads are not supported by the Tesla Model Y, the game had to be accessed via the internet.

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The author explained that due to frequent work-related travels, they often spend a significant amount of time playing games in the car between meetings. In response to some comments mocking the potential dangers of this activity, they emphasized that playing interactive games or software on a Tesla while driving is impossible for obvious safety reasons.

I just went to my Tesla and here’s a video of me playing #Star Field and it WORKS!!!!

— The Great Green (@Thegreatgreen12) September 8, 2023

Starfield Following in the Footsteps of Bethesda’s Legacy: Unlikely Playable Platforms

Following the success of putting Skyrim on refrigerators and running pregnancy tests, it appears that Starfield is set to inherit similar unconventional feats from Bethesda’s previous masterpieces. Fans eagerly await news of other platforms on which the game can be played. Despite receiving negative reviews by some on Metacritic, the game garnered over 6 million players upon release, breaking records for an American studio.

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