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Starfield: How to Obtain a Rare Spacesuit and Exciting Mods Revealed


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Starfield: How to Get a Rare Spacesuit

Are you excited about the upcoming launch of Starfield? Well, before the official release, the game will be available in early access. But here’s a little secret for the most attentive gamers: there’s a way to get a rare spacesuit right at the beginning of the game!

Finding the Spacesuit

Normally, you would need to master lockpicking to access the suit. However, a Reddit user has shared a shorter method to obtain it. The suit is placed inside a case, and although you need to strengthen your corresponding skill to open it, there’s a crack on the case. By looking through it, you can collect the desired item. After a few attempts, you will be able to interact with the suit!


If you don’t mind a little spoiler, here’s where you can find the spacesuit in Starfield. First, you’ll need to get the key to the cabin in New Atlantis. Once you have the key, head to the cabin and enter the lobby. From there, go through the door on the left and continue up the stairs. Turn left again, and then take a right. Finally, you’ll find the room with the paintings, where the spacesuit is waiting for you.

Exciting Mods

Aside from the exciting discovery of the spacesuit, some modders have already been hard at work creating incredible mods for Starfield. One of the standout mods is Phil Spencer’s Flashlight, which allows you to see the face of the Xbox boss whenever you turn on the flashlight. So keep an eye out for these amazing additions to the game!

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