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Startling Indicators That Suggest Your Gut Health is Not Balanced


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Numerous studies have shown that gut health can help reduce the risk of several diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

In fact, not many of us will be able to tell if our gut is healthy, or if our bodies are telling us that something is wrong with our gut.

We usually associate abdominal pain or bloating with signs of gut health. But according to experts, there are a number of “surprising” ways our gut can warn us about.

1. Fragility of skin, hair and nails

When your skin is dull or irritated, your hair feels dry, and your nails break easily, all of these symptoms can indicate something is wrong with your gut, says Lucy Cresson, MD, registered dietitian at The Gut Health Clinic.

2. Bones break easily

Dietitian Kirsten Jackson said that frequent bone fractures may indicate that you have diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or celiac disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease describes two chronic conditions that involve inflammation of the intestine: ulcerative colitis, which affects the large intestine, and Crohn’s disease, which can affect any part of the digestive system.

Meanwhile, the NHS says celiac disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your tissues when you eat gluten, damaging your gut so you can’t get the nutrients.

The damage these conditions do to the small intestine means you can’t absorb enough calcium, Kirsten says. This can lead to osteoporosis, which weakens your bones and makes them brittle and more prone to breakage.

3. Go to the toilet several times a day

Kirsten explained that people assume that having a bowel movement several times a day will reduce the chance of constipation, but in fact, their bowels may struggle to “empty completely” and so they end up going to the toilet more often.

4. Gas and bloating

Lucy said that one way to learn about poor gut health is excessive bloating or gas.

Stomach sounds can also alert you.

5. Fatigue

Lucy said that constant fatigue and lack of energy could be another sign of an unhealthy gut.

6. Bad mood or depression

“The gut and brain interact with each other through what’s called the gut-canal axis,” Kirsten said. This means that your poor gut health may be sending signals to your brain, causing a negative effect.”

Thus, gut health may be the cause of low mood or depression, in addition to mental health issues.

7. Frequent cough and cold

Lucy explained that “70% of the immune system is located inside the gut” so poor gut health makes us more vulnerable to infections.

She noted that some people may not have gut health symptoms at all.

Source: Sun

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