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State Duma Deputy Anton Gorelkin Confident WhatsApp Will Not Be Blocked in Russia


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Moscow Deputy Confident WhatsApp Will Not Be Blocked in Russia

State Duma deputy Anton Gorelkin expressed his confidence that the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, will not be blocked in Russia. This is because the functions of public channels, which could potentially pose a threat to Russian information policy, will not be implemented within the country.

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The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein, previously stated that blocking WhatsApp would be deemed permissible if the messenger program introduces information channels in the Russian language.

Gorelkin, however, remains certain that WhatsApp will not face a ban due to the absence of public channel features within the Russian Federation. He wrote on his Telegram channel that he believes the messenger’s owners will make a decision to keep the application accessible in Russia with a 99% probability.

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