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State Duma receives proposal on criminal liability for participation in non-governmental organizations


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Moscow, April 26 – Vasily Piskarev said that the State Duma introduced a draft law on fines and criminal penalties for participating in the activities of a foreign NGO whose subdivisions are not registered in the registry of these branches and representative offices, and for the implementation of the activities of such an NGO, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Non-Interference in Union Affairs Russian.
“For the creation and participation in the activities of branches of foreign NGOs that are not registered in Russia, they will face criminal liability. The corresponding amendments were made jointly with colleagues from the Non-Intervention Committee – deputies of all factions,” Piskarev wrote on his Telegram channel.
It is proposed to establish administrative responsibility for participation in the activities of a foreign NGO on the territory of the Russian Federation, and information about structural subdivisions is not in the registry of the Ministry of Justice. “The fines will amount to: up to five thousand rubles for citizens; up to 50 thousand rubles for officials; up to 100 thousand rubles for legal entities; and for foreigners and stateless persons, the fine will reach 50 thousand rubles, with the possibility of administrative expulsion from outside the Russian Federation.

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It is also planned to establish criminal liability for organizing the activities of a foreign NGO that is not registered in Russia, as well as for participating in its work for those who have previously been subjected to administrative punishment for this, up to three years in prison, he is without.
“In addition, we propose a new basis for refusing to register a structural unit of a foreign NGO. A refusal will follow from the Ministry of Justice if a branch or representative office of a foreign NGO previously entered in the register is excluded from the register,” said the head of the committees.
According to him, such a measure would make it possible to stop the continuation of illegal activities “by opening new branches of an organization that has already lost its credibility.”

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