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STKR Nations Agree to Cut Quota for Syrian Fishing


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TOKYO, March 25 – Members of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC), including Japan, Russia and China, have agreed to reduce the total quota of shortbread by 25% from last year.
Thus, according to Kyodo Agency, the total share of saury fish catch in 2023 will be 250 thousand tons against the 2022 share of 333.7 thousand tons. The decision to limit the catch was taken due to depleted stocks of this species and low yields recorded last year.
Miwako Takase, president of the Japanese Fisheries Department, said.

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According to the terms of the new quota, 150,000 tons were allocated for fishing on the high seas, and another 100,000 tons for fishing in the exclusive economic zones of Japan and Russia.
In addition, STCR members agreed to reduce the number of fishing vessels going out to fish by 10%, and also to limit the “fishing season” to 180 days. It is prohibited to catch sea fish outside the specified season.
Japan, Russia, China, Canada, the European Union, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and Vanuatu are members of STCR.

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