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Street Fighter 6 Update 1.10: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and New Additions for Enhanced Gameplay


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Street Fighter 6 Update 1.10 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Street Fighter 6, make sure to update to version 1.10 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Street Fighter 6 Update 1.10: Game Improvements and New Additions

Goods Shop Items Added: Twilight’s Suit and Thorn Princess’ Dress

As part of the latest game update, two new items have been added to the Goods Shop. Players can now customize their characters with the fashionable Twilight’s Suit and the elegant Thorn Princess’ Dress. These new outfits will bring a fresh and visually appealing look to your in-game avatar.

New Parts Added to Avatar Creator: Hair presets 46 & 47

The Avatar Creator feature has also received a notable update with the addition of two new hair presets. Players will now have even more options to express their individuality and style by choosing from these new hair options. Whether you prefer a trendy or classic hairstyle, these additions will surely enhance the customization experience.

Battle Adjustments for Enhanced Gameplay

In order to provide a more balanced and optimal gaming experience, several battle adjustments have been made in this update. Specifically, two issues have been addressed:

1. Fixed an issue with Zangief’s SA2 on block: Previously, unintended behavior would occur depending on whether or not an input was entered during the recovery period of Zangief’s SA2 on block. This issue has now been rectified, ensuring that the game mechanics

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