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Stress at work increases the risk of stroke by five times


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Scientists at the National University of Ireland in Galway found that stressful events increase the risk of stroke.

JAMA Network Open reports that researchers analyzed data from more than 26,000 people across Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. It became clear to them that severe stress at home, at work, and in their personal lives is associated with an increased risk of stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. And that the cause of the first type is a violation of blood flow as a result of blockage of a blood vessel. As for the second type, it is caused by hemorrhage in the brain tissue. And that one event leads to an increase in the risk of stroke by 17 percent, and two events or more by 31 percent.

The researchers found that the risk of work-related stress is higher and more than doubles the risk of stroke and more than five times the risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

And it became clear to researchers that if a person feels in control of everything that happens at work, and does not believe that stress has arisen as a result of factors beyond his control, then the risk of stroke is low. .


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