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Study: Drinking soft drinks can increase testicular size and male hormone production!


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A new study has shown that drinking soft drinks can increase testosterone levels and testicular size in men.

A study led by scientists at Northwestern Minzu University in China and published in the scientific journal Acta Endocrinol aims to determine the effect of soft drinks on fertility.

Previous research has linked soft drink consumption to fertility, decreased sperm count, and reduced sperm motility.

Researchers who relied on animal experiments to conduct the study found that the opposite is true when it comes to testosterone, a male hormone produced primarily in the testicles, and testicular size.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers studied groups of male mice. The first group drank only water, while the rest of the groups drank varying amounts of Coke and Pepsi, respectively.

For 15 days, the scientists ran tests on mice to analyze the effects of soft drink consumption, including blood tests and measurements of testicular weight and diameter.

The study found that the testicles of rats that drank soft drinks (Pepsi or Coca-Cola) “significantly increased in size by the fifteenth day.”

“The results indicate that a high dose of Pepsi or Coca-Cola may promote testicular growth and development,” the study authors wrote.

In addition to the increase in testicular size, the researchers also found that “Blood testosterone concentrations in all rats increased after Pepsi and Coke consumption, suggesting that higher doses of Pepsi and Coke may improve testosterone secretion in male rats.”

The team concluded: “In conclusion, Coke and Pepsi consumption may promote testicular growth, increase testosterone secretion, and increase serum epidermal growth factor (EGF) concentrations. Our results provide a scientific basis for understanding the impact and mechanism of soft drinks on developmental and reproductive health. functions” in humans, but it is also useful in preventing prostate dysfunction and cancer.”

While the study found that men may suffer from increased testicular size and testosterone production as a result of drinking soft drinks, the researchers stressed that the findings contradict previous studies.

One such earlier study, which included a survey of 2,500 men, showed that sperm count decreased by 30% with daily consumption of one liter of soft drink.

The researchers also noted that previous studies have pointed to a link between soft drink consumption and fertility. One study found that soft drinks are associated with changes in hormones that affect ovulation.

The researchers argue that to date, there is little documentation of the relationship between soft drink consumption, reproductive function, and fertility in humans and animals.

While the researchers said more research is needed on the link between soft drinks and fertility, the study acknowledges that soft drink consumption “may lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes,” and that previous studies have shown that “the impact of harm health from soft drinks was dangerous for teenagers and children.”

The latest study comes after a previous study found that “Massive consumption of coffee or caffeine increases testosterone production.”

As for whether you should drink soft drinks, health experts advise against drinking them due to their sugar content.

Source: Independent

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