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Study shows who suffers from heart problems after contracting Covid-19


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Scientists at the Tyumen Heart Research Center conducted a long-term study of the impact of infection with a new coronavirus on heart health and identified the category of people at greatest risk.

Dr. Elena Yaroslavskaya, director of the Center’s Automated Diagnostics Laboratory, points out that this is the first study of its kind, which was conducted in Russia and lasted a whole year, and it was found that pneumonia caused by infection with a new coronavirus threatens chronic heart failure in 28 percent of patients.

As evidence for these risks, the researchers relied on a diagnosis of a general left ventricular malformation found one year after infection with emergent coronavirus, which is a metaphor for mild deformity of the heart muscle. during its contraction.
Researchers have found that a person’s weight and gender exacerbate risk factors. Men infected with the new coronavirus may suffer from heart failure five times more often than women.

Source: News. RU

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