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Study shows why you should add milk to your coffee!


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A new study has shown that drinking coffee mixed with milk can reduce inflammation in the body.

Whether you drink a cup of coffee in the morning to recharge your batteries during the day, or just to enjoy its unique taste, coffee contains not only a pleasant dose of caffeine.

The powerful effects of this drink, from reducing the risk of dementia to prolonging life, are well documented in research papers.

And these studies always agree on one thing: To reap these benefits, stick with black coffee.

However, a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry makes a compelling case for drinking milk with coffee, as the paper notes that adding milk to a cup of coffee may be good for you after all.

Research shows that the protein in milk mixed with the antioxidants in coffee forms a powerful cocktail that can fight inflammation twice as effectively.

When bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances enter your body, your immune system reacts by releasing white blood cells and chemicals to protect you.

This reaction describes inflammation, which can also occur when tendons and muscles are overstretched. This is where coffee beans come in with their rich antioxidant content.

Loaded with natural plant compounds called polyphenols, coffee can help reduce oxidative stress in the body that leads to inflammation.

With this in mind, a research team from the University of Copenhagen investigated the anti-inflammatory effect of a combination of polyphenols and proteins.

Some cells received different doses of polyphenols that interacted with amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, while other cells received only the same doses of polyphenols, while the control group received none.

The team found that immune cells treated with a mixture of polyphenols and amino acids were twice as effective at fighting inflammation.

Professor Marianne Nissen Lund, who led the study, said: “Our results indicate that interactions between polyphenols and proteins also occur in some of the coffee-milk drinks we studied. it’s hard to avoid it in any of the products we’ve studied so far.”

These data suggest that this may also apply to other foods containing a combination of polyphenols and protein.

Nissen-Lund added: “I can imagine something like that in a meat dish with vegetables or a smoothie, as long as you make sure to add some protein like milk or yogurt.”

The industry and research communities are currently working on how to add the right amount of polyphenols to food for the best quality because humans don’t seem to be able to absorb that much polyphenols.

Nissen-Lund said: “In the study, we showed that when polyphenols interact with amino acids, their inhibitory effect on inflammation in immune cells is enhanced. So it is clear that this cocktail may also have a beneficial effect on inflammation in humans.” Now we will do more research, first in animals. After that, we hope to receive research funding that will allow us to study the effect in humans.”

Source: Express

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