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Stylists told how to spend 2022 beautifully and enter 2023


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Moscow, December 25 – It is necessary to say goodbye to the year 2022 and meet the new year 2023 with great love for yourself and the utmost comfort, while not giving up the elegance of luxurious sequins, it is important to give yourself freedom, says designer Vlad Lisovets and designer Alena Ahmadulina.
“First of all, you should meet with the color in which you or you feel most comfortable. You should not pay attention to astrology and everything else! You can see anything, it can be anything – blue, green or even black, and you will understand That this dress, that particular outfit that you like most of all. You need to look as interesting and luxurious as possible, even at home, ”stylist Vlad Lesovets told the agency.
Lisovets calls not to be afraid of glitter and black. “Black is not associated with anything negative, it’s a very beautiful color. You can complement it with green and red, and it will always look amazing. Don’t be afraid of glitter, and don’t be afraid of anything at all,” the designer emphasized.

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The founder of the AKHMADULLINA fashion house, designer Alena Akhmadullina, supported her colleague, noting that black and dark green are always appropriate for New Year’s looks.
“These are the classics, you can’t go wrong with them. For prints, pay attention to natural motifs made in a digital style, for example, snowflakes or flowers that turn into pixels or deterioration. Textures with shine and shine are suitable: lurex, sequins, metallic effect ” – Ahmadulina told the agency.

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