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Successful Surgery Separates Siamese Twin Bassam from Saudi Arabia


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Saudi royal adviser Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabia confirmed that the condition of the Syrian Siamese twin “Basam” is stable a week after the separation operation.

The general manager of the King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Assistance, head of the medical and surgical team for the separation of Siamese twins, said the separation operation was carried out at the King Abdullah Children’s Specialized Hospital in the King Abdulaziz Medical City under the Ministry of National Security. Watch out.

He added that all the medical indicators of the Bassam twin are encouraging, as he was removed from the artificial respiration apparatus, he came out of anesthesia, began to interact regularly with his parents, and he will start breastfeeding from his mouth today.

Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabia said the treating medical team expects the Bassam twins to be discharged from the pediatric intensive care unit to the pediatric unit today to begin the rehabilitation process.

He pointed out that the “Ihsan” twins passed on the mercy of God on Wednesday, as expected, due to the presence of congenital malformations that prevent life in the heart and cannot be corrected, except for agenesis of the kidneys, genitourinary system. and reproductive system, the presence of a large deficiency in the intestines, emphasizing that this information was known before the operation and explained to the child’s parents.

It is noteworthy that this operation is the 58th under the Saudi program for Siamese twins, since the program has managed 130 cases from 23 countries since 1990.

Source: SPA

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